Hello and welcome to the traveling professor!

I’m a writer, social entrepreneurLGBTQ+ speaker, educator, and global traveler. Passionate storyteller. Explorer and stubborn Taurus.

How did I become the traveling professor?
The short story: Teaching gender studies courses online since 2012 afforded me the privilege of global travel. My work evolved to gender and e-learning consultation work in the Middle East, primarily in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

Overlooking Quito, Ecuador.

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“The seductress and damsel in distress archetypes are as old as greek mythology,” comments Cheri Madewell, Gender Studies expert. “Though the term rape culture was coined in the 1970s, we know that both the rape of women and the justification and normalization of such violence were commons themes of Greek and Roman myths. In the story of Zeus and Leda, Zeus transforms into a swan and rapes Leda; Zeus simply could not help himself. The assumption that men cannot ‘help themselves’ when faced with ‘temptation’ is just as harmful as the ‘damsel in distress’ and ‘seductress’ stereotype placed on women.”

More About Me:

Fulbright-Hays Abroad: Meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Summer 2018.
My wife and I in Maine, Summer 2019.