As an international gender inclusion specialist, I’ve lead trainings and workshops all over the world to diverse audiences.

My approach: dynamic storytelling to foster reciprocal empathy and guide participants to inclusion and diversity in action.

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Stand in Solidarity with Employees, Colleagues, Clients, Students, + More

Cultivate an Inclusive Classroom and Workspace

‘Unlearn’ the Gendered Lessons of our Lives

Conferences | 1-hour presentations 2, 3, or 4-hour workshops
One-on-one with leadership teams

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“Thinking about how not fitting into a ‘box’ of expected characteristics actually leads/incites bullying – that was a new angle for me.” 

“What a great dialogue we had about gender and the ways which our multiple identities and culture as a whole shape our gender “boxes” and experiences.”

“Having the workshop and the “new polite” gender information was very helpful and made me feel more comfortable tackling those issues.”

“Though sexuality and gender issues have always been present in my pre-service education, I had never heard topics such as code switching being broke down in a way allowing for such a complete analysis.”

“I think that the stories, the gender workshop, and different perspectives have caused me to think about different situations and issues from multiple angles. If anything, these perspectives have grown my compassion for people, but also I hope that they bring action in the way I teach and the space that I make my classroom to be.”

“Students were able to start thinking about gender on a very basic level. In fact, I especially like that you started on a very basic level since so many of my students have probably not thought critically about gender before. After the presentation, students were able to talk in class about expectations for men and women in our culture and how these impact characters in the texts we’re reading.”